I struggled to find a trainer who was compassionate and supportive in the way that I needed, that helped me troubleshoot for MY puppy, situation, and life instead of offering a cookie-cutter or dismissive answer to my struggles. When I found my training mentor, I was ecstatic. I took every class she offered, she made me feel seen and heard and I needed that more than anything else. I began assistant training for her in 2020 and accrued enough hands-on and assistant hours to take my CCDPT exam in 2021, which I passed.

I have since prioritized compassionate, supportive, skills-building and relationship-focused training with my group and private clients. It means so much to me to help clients understand their dogs and learn to work WITH them instead of at odds with them. Centered in my training methods are ethics and kindness, for both humans and their dogs. Meeting needs of BOTH sides of the leash creates harmony and confidence. I completed my Fear Free certification in early 2023 to better accomplish these goals and serve my clients. I am committed to lifelong learning and truly honored and humbled to be even a single chapter in my client dogs’ learning journeys!

My learning journey into professional dog training started back in 2016 in preparation for bringing my own puppy into my home. I began three years of self study, inhaling all the books on training I could find, and participating as much as I could in online professional dog training communities. When my boy came home in 2019, we immediately started attending training classes, socialization classes, you name it! But despite ALL my book learning, it was still so hard! 


Brittni Hyzer

compassionate, supportive,
 relationship-focused training

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Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson
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True crime documentaries

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Peanut butter on Ritz crackers

Close tie between Kyoto Sushi or The Tin Peddler

I'm hiking with my dog, reading, or spending too much time on Facebook.

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