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When humans know better, dogs do better.


Have you always heard that dog is a human's best friend, but are struggling with your friendship with your pup? Do you want a relationship with your dog built on trust, respect, and knowledge? Are you confused by all the conflicting knowledge of dog training ideals and don't know who to trust?
Let us help you understand and improve the relationship with your dog!

Individual and group training for those who want to do better with their dogs

Connecticut and Rhode Island Certified Dog Trainer

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I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Brittni a couple of times, and she’s helped me do amazing things with our dog! We haven’t been able to resolve some anxiety issues before working with her, but now we see a surge in confidence and a huge jump in willingness to do what we ask, even after just 2 sessions. This is incredible because our dog is almost 7, so she really is an “old dog learning new tricks,” and she’s loving every step of the way. I imagine that we will soon be able to ask the dog to do tasks that were previously unthinkable, and I’m so grateful for that opportunity!

- Elyse

I'm a former dog trainer and I called Brittni for a second set of eyes because I'm too close to my pups to give a fair evaluation. She's prompt, knowledgeable, and super nice! I'm impressed with her skill in reading dogs, she catches things I miss! I recommend her any day!!

- Jodi

5 Stars is not a high enough rating for Brittni. She is absolutely incredible, very knowledgeable, compassionate and always positive in her help for both dog and human. She has been such a key for us and integral in our almost 2 year old girl becoming a happy, polite, socialized and confident dog. Brittni is amazing!

- Jason

Despite having dogs my whole life, I’ve never worked with a trainer before. I just wanted to nip some things in the bud with my rescue, so I decided to reach out to her…and I’m so glad I did. Brittni was awesome! She spent a lot of time talking with me, asking me questions and answering mine. I appreciated the way she explained her process, described how we will reach our goals, then proceeded to teach my dog and I simple and fun techniques to practice til our next session. Brittni is very professional, knowledgeable, and super easy to talk to! She exceeded my expectations! I look forward to working with her in the future!!

- Melissa

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